Progress Report


From: Victoria Thomsen
To: Dr. Sandra Jensen and Fresh Face Dental Staff
Date: May 26, 2016
Subject: Progress Report


Continuing with our new changes to the office, we are looking over where we are at in the whole change over to in house washing of the linens.  In doing this change over, we will be able to lower the cost of our daily and weekly laundry, and be able to have the office be more efficient in the process.  The new routine schedule has been outlined in the proposal being presented, and after peer review, will be ready for submission.

Facts and Discussion

Presented to you, have been several items to assist with the new changes to the office.  Within all of these items, you will look over different aspects of the new washing machine.

Feasibility report

This project has started our change over, and has offered much information that has made significant positive impact to our office.  The feasibility report reviews over all details to the machines presented for purchase, and gives the office a clear look at the cost impact to the office.


In the presentation, the office was able to get a clear look at all machines being offered to the office.  Once a machine was recommended, the full details of that unit was given and the impact it would give to the office.  


The office concluded on the unit best suited for the office and have purchased that unit.  Now with this being done, the doctor wanted to have a clear schedule and department to maintain the unit.  Within the proposal you will find all information and schedules proposed to best suit the office’s needs.  

Once completion of the proposal for maintenance is done, the office will have no further need for projects on the new washing machine in the foreseeable future.  Putting the plan in motion for the new schedules for maintenance and daily care, will be the last step in the process of this change over from outsourcing laundry.


As I conclude the final report of the series, I have followed my plan as it has been laid out.  When completing things and making adjustments as needed once the initial project is done, it allows me to better edit the small areas needing tweaking.  Moving forward with my final pieces should render themselves fairly easy, as I am completed with the project pending reviews from my peers.


When looking back over my previous reports and assignments, I have found it best to be on top of the assignment.  If you wait until the last minute to look at and complete the report or assignment, you aren’t giving your best work and showing the best that you can give.  Even when something is presented as a rough draft, give it your all expecting this is the last time you will be able to edit it.  So if I had to recommend one thing for you or anyone to do, it’s be on top of it and expect to not be able to look back.

Proposal Report

Washing Machine Maintenance

Proposal Report

Fresh Face Dental
Albany, OR 97322
May 22, 2016

Dr. Sandra Jensen
Fresh Face Dental – Dentist

Subject: Proposal for Maintenance Plan for Front Loader Washing Machine

Dr. Sandra Jensen and Fresh Face Dental Team,

In this plan proposed for your review, you will find resolution to your concern for upkeep for the new front loading washing machine.  You will find minimal cost and time impact to the office, and the maintenance plan I am proposing will give you a clear idea for:

  • Suggestion of department to follow through with maintenance
  • Updated schedule for technician doing the machine maintenance
  • Cleaning products needed and their associated cost to them
  • Steps and time needed for routine cleaning of machine

Thank you for your consideration of my proposal,

Victoria Thomsen



No matter the machine that is purchased, you are required to do routine maintenance on the actual machine.  Doing regular maintenance, as with other machines in the office, it will extend the life of the unit itself.  Would you purchase a car, and then never do an oil change on it?  No?  So why would you purchase a washing machine, and never clean it?  In the pages to follow, you will get a chance to review over a routine schedule that is best fit for our office.

Best Suited

Recommended based on job duties for the task of maintaining the new washing machine, is the Sterilization Department.  The technicians have the existing duties of upkeep and cleaning the office machines already, the new task would fit right into their schedule, and have little to no impact on their current jobs as they already do the office laundry.

Schedule Update

With adding the task of regular upkeep on the washing machine to the Sterilization Department, it will add on no additional time to their everyday and monthly routine times.  As stated before, they already do the laundry for the office, so the additional duties added to their daily laundry routine would be:

  • Leaving the machine door open in between loads rather than closing it
  • Keep the laundry in the washer no longer than 20 minutes, before moving it to the dryer to be dried
  • Prior to loading the next load, wipe inner lining of the machine seal dry of any remaining water
  • Keep the outside of the machine wiped down

Below you will find the proposed updated schedule as it would be with adding in the additional tasks to the new daily laundry routine.  Please take note of the decrease in time to complete the daily laundry, as it moves from 240 min to 200 min to process the laundry each day.  With purchasing the HE Front Loader, it has decreased the processing time of the overall laundry task for their department.

Proposed Updated Schedule for Sterilization Department

Technichian Schedule

 Products and Their Cost


When the office does the cleaning in house rather than outsourcing the job, we save money all around.  We are able to use healthy and natural products purchased from the store in bulk, and use them throughout years to come.  In doing this, we won’t have to pay an outside company to do something that is easily done by our staff.

Below you will find a chart of the products and materials needed to maintain and clean the new washing machine, to keep it up and running efficiently for years to come.  All products below have been found at, but are also able to be purchased at your local grocery and/or drug store for convenience if needed in a pinch.  All supplies listed below will be the initial cost, but will be used for multiple cleanings throughout the year.

The products we will be purchasing will be to clean the entire machine, which includes:

  • Outside of machine
  • Drum
  • Soap dispensers
  • Filter and pump
  • Door seal

Products and Supplies Chart

Product Chart

Make It a Routine

Daily cleaning will get you a step ahead of the daunting task of routine cleaning on your washing machine, but when it comes down to it, there is additional care needed to keep the machine going for years to come.  Monthly routine cleanings, will help the washing machine run in tip top shape as you would expect it to in a dental office.

When you think of a routine cleaning, you would normally expect this long drawn out process that would take hours.  However, a front loading washing machine, that has been kept up on a daily basis, won’t need as many monthly things taken care of as you would think.  Looking at the monthly routine tasks needed, you would complete:

  • Run a sanitation cycle with vinegar and baking soda – 26 min
  • Door gasket sanitation – 2 min
  • Drain pump – 2 min
  • Sanitize filter – 3 min

Once these tasks have been completed, you are good to go for another month.

In Closing

Between the time given back to the office with the purchase of the new HE machine, and doing regular daily preventative care, I have now shown you the positive benefits to the office.  In having our team members, whom currently work with the equipment and the washing machine, do the daily and monthly care, it takes concern away of the machine not making it to the estimated life expectancy.  Looking over the plan laid out before you, can you see how the proposed maintenance plan will work for our office?

Feasibility Report – Washing Machines






Washing Machine Feasibility Report



From: Victoria Thomsen, Office Manager, Fresh Face Dental

 To: Sandra Jensen – WR227

      Fresh Face Dental – Dentist

Date: May 1, 2016

Subject: Feasibility report reviewing warranty, efficiency and overall cost of washing machines for the daily need of the dental office.



Table of Contents

Summary……………….…………………………………………………….…..Page 1

Introduction……….……..………………………………………………………..Page 1

Table of Proposed Options…………………………………………………….Page 1-2

Overview of Units………………………………………………………..…….Page 2-4

Conclusion…………………………………………………………….……….Page 4-5

Recommendation………………………………………………………………..Page 5        

List of Appendices

Appendix 1 – References…………………………………………………..….Page I



  • Provided in this report, as requested by Dr. Sandra Jensen, DDS, is a review of options currently available for purchase to best suit the dentist office’s needs.
  • Available for review in this report is the warranty offered with each unit presented for purchase, each unit’s efficiency offered and the overall cost comparison between the units.
  • The objective will provide complete information on the overall impact that each unit would have on the office, as well as the option that is best suited for the office.


At Fresh Face Dental, we strive to give our patients and our staff the best possible care we can provide.  We aim to go above what is expected of us regarding the dental standards set by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1030.  According to the concept of Universal Precautions, all human blood and certain human body fluids are treated as if known to be infectious for HIV, HBV, and other bloodborne pathogens, and this requires that universal precautions be observed to prevent contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials. This would include the handling of PPE that has become contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) in dental facilities.  The law requires that protective clothing, blankets, towels, or any type of clothing that has come into contact with OPIM, be laundered by a professional service or cleaned in the dental office. For the last 6 years, we have used a professional service to take care of our laundry needs. The doctor has decided we should do our own laundry at the office. So in making this change, provided is the findings of the machines best to fit the office’s needs.

Table of Proposed Options for Purchase      

Options XYZTableImage: Comparison chart of proposed washing machines being considered for purchase. Best Buy Comparison Options

Overview of Units

Going over many units, I found that most of them are Energy Star Certified, have delicate cycle, and come with free delivery.  Below I have provided the units that offer not only these options, but also similar load capacity and high efficiency for a monthly savings on the power bill among other things.

Option X

Image: Option X – Interior view of HE top loader with plastic drum and energy guide. Option X

Option Y

Image: Option Y – Interior view of HE top loader with metal drum and energy guide. Option Y

Option Z

Image: Option Z – Interior view of HE front loader with metal drum and energy guide. Option Z


My research has lead me to conclude a front-loading, HE washing machine would be the best option overall.  Even though the initial cost would be higher, the energy savings and efficiency would pay for itself over time.

In researching and comparing top-loading machines and front-loading machines, Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping show that top-loaders have larger capacity and can be energy efficient, but can tangle clothes and due to the expanding depth to prevent shaking, can be harder on someone with a shorter reach capability to get into the bottom of the washer tub.

Front -loaders are the best in cleaning, are large capacity, are more efficient and save more energy than top loaders.  Looking over the warranty options for front-loaders compared to top-loaders, they all have the same offered options of parts and labor covered for 1 year with option of purchasing a longer warranty.

Comparing washers and their plastic or stainless steel tubs, each are durable and will likely last as long as the rest of the washing machine.  However, stainless steel tubs are stronger than plastic tubs and can hold up to higher spin speeds. With higher spin speeds, you are able to remove more water from clothes which makes laundry easier to dry. This is an advantage that can make stainless-tub-equipped machines more energy-efficient overall.  

Final Recommendation

My final recommendation for the washing machine to purchase for the office would be Option Z – Whirlpool – Duet 4.3 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle High-Efficiency Steam Front-Loading Washer – White, as it appears to be the best option for Fresh Face Dental.  The decision is based on the research findings from Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping and my personal experience with HE front- loading machines.  From my personal experience the front loading HE machines take less time to wash, the clothes are cleaner, the machine uses less water/soap and extracts more water than the top loaders, which means the clothes are in the dryer for less time.

The initial cost would be $899.99 for the unit recommended, compared to the price of option X being $674.99 and option Y being $579.99.   The estimated yearly operating cost for the unit recommended is set at below $15.00 a year, whereas the other options presented have an estimated operating cost at around $27.00.  There will also be additional savings added with the energy usage of the dryer unit not needing to run as long due to there being less water in the clothing after the washing cycle.  With that leaving us on the conclusion of our best choice being the stainless steel front loading HE Whirlpool washing machine.

My Recommendation


Image: Option Z – Whirlpool – Duet 4.3 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle High-Efficiency Steam Front-Loading Washer – White. My Recommendation

Which option do you choose?


Appendix 1


The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Guideline for Isolation Precautions: “Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings 2007,” p. 66. Retrieved from http://

All Washing Machine Information.  Retrieved from

Consumer Report Washing Machine Guide. Retrieved from

The Good Housekeeping Institute. Feb 3, 2016. Best of the Test: Top-Performing Washing Machines.  Retrieved from http://



User Test Report

User Test Report

Published by Victoria Thomsen on April 24, 2016


From: Victoria Thomsen, Student

To: Sandy Jensen, Instructor

Date: April 24, 2016

Subject: User Test Report for Instructions Assignment

A table setting can be made elegant with something as simple as a folded dinner napkin.
A table setting can be made elegant with something as simple as a folded dinner napkin.


I have chosen to do my instructions on how to fold a dinner napkin.  In getting started with this project, I started in a different, more formal audience target, but decided I wanted to go more towards the everyday audience.  So in doing so, I have chosen to do a folded napkin the everyday, non crafty person could do without much assistance. Below I have provided my findings and outcome after having successful user tests.


When looking at the why for doing the dinner napkin, I wanted to give my audience a chance to bring their everyday dining into a more sophisticated experience.  Sometimes it only takes one small change for an everyday experience, to give it a whole different feeling.  I provided pictures with captions to help guide users to successfully follow my written instructions.  Also provided to assist people complete the objective is troubleshooting for any issues that may arise. 


  • My rough draft to my final draft, I had minor changes that came about. 
  • Items that were added to the final draft that weren’t added to the initial instructions include:
    • Captions to each photo provided
    • Simpler instructions for a few steps
    • Added additional trouble shooting
    • Reformatted the tables for better ease of viewing
  • Feedback and videos were provided from the homes of Kallista Wilson, Jamie Pate, Genna Baccaro and Shelby Taylor, as well as my husband Greg (64 yrs), my daughter Morgan (32 yrs), and my son Chase (11 yrs) as they will all use a napkin as they eat their food at their homes.  
  • I found that no matter the gender or age, they all were able to complete the task with relative ease, but seemed to stumbled on step 8.
  • After receiving written, verbal and video feedback from my test audience, I went back and revised the written instructions and captions of step 6-8.

Shelby’s User Test of my instructions.

Genna’s User Test of my instructions.

Results and Discussion

After going through all of my reviews, teacher suggestions for an A+ paper, and the video documentation from my classmates, I made two notable changes.  The first notable change came from Sandy’s example she posted, when I changed my columns from one string to a two string table.  My second modification came from watching my reviewers video posts and reviews, when I saw their struggle with step 8.  I then troubleshooted step 6-8, and found it best to modify the possible outcome of the folded napkin.  In changing the instructions on step 8 from one set option to a do this or do this option, it gives the user a chance to do what is easiest for them and still get the same ending effect of the pocket dinner napkin.


In going through this week’s assignment, I found it is harder to write instructions out than trying to explain something verbally.  It also gives me insight into how someone may be misinterpreted with something as small as one word.  

With the completion of this assignment upon me, I have realized I enjoy the art of napkin folding, and I am eager to host a formal dinner, so I can show off my skills, what about you?

The Never-ending Story of Mass Communication and Confusion

The Neverending Story Courtesy of:

Getting Started

Starting this week and looking at putting this post together, I have had a difficult time in getting going and staying focused.  Between having my son flying in from out of town and moving into our new family home, I have been stressed to the max with not knowing the focus for my future employment and how I should direct this week’s blog.  In getting the paper together, I have focused my thoughts towards what I have done for employment over the last 29 years, dental assisting/dental office management and the communication verbally as well as written that is required to keep the business practice going.

A Practice of Communication

Dental Snip
Request an Appointment courtesy of:

In looking at keeping a practice going, it is important to look at several different aspects than just having patients continuously coming through the doors to have their dental work done.  One of the first things that come to mind when looking at the importance for good communication in the workplace is, when the doctor, staff, patients and vendors communicate clearly to each other.  This allows the office to run effectively and efficiently.  Below you will see my interpretation on where proper communication in the office is necessary:

Needed communications in a dental office:

  • Accurate patient charting
  • Medical forms
  • Treatment plans
  • Emails to doctor, staff, vendors, patients and potential patients
  • The office website and its functionality
  • Knowing and following the rules of the OSHA and employee manual

“The Never-ending Story”

Communication is never-ending!  I can give never-ending examples of why it is important to communicate effectively in the dental office, but I will only give you one example.  It can start simply as one unclear chart note from an assistant, which then leads to incorrect insurance billing, the treatment plan now being incorrect, and the patient may end up not getting some of their needed care.  The best way to prevent these communication errors from happening is, having a good follow up.  In looking around for professional websites, I saw one thing in common, proper ways to get back to the office for questions.  My thought on this, is they have to have great follow up and communication within their office, for they need to make sure the patients and/or future patients are properly taken care of and communicated with past their website communication attempts.

Diving Into the Worldwide Web

In my opinion, when diving into a website it should feel personal.  I think the website needs to help the user identify with the company, in doing this it creates a connection for the consumer.  I was reviewing a dental office website, as I can identify the most with this type of company at this current point in my career.  It tells who the doctor and staff are, but at the same time there are no pictures of them to create a personal connection.  I did find the services that are offered, but found myself still wanting more visuals to really get the full effect of what could be offered for the patient.  They have links for videos to offer education on the procedures they offer, which can be helpful for those that are cautious with their dental work.  The overall formatting was quite nicely put together and was rather easy to navigate, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t go online often.

A New Season of Blogging

In making way for new growth in my life, I have been directed towards the beauty of trees as they go through the change of season from Fall into Winter.  When going into this class, I knew I wanted to direct my blogging into this “new season” where my life is being directed into.  The vision of the deciduous trees in their vegetative state of winter is something I had been shown the beauty of months before even beginning this class, so I knew right away where I wanted to go with my blog.  At the same time, I was unsure how to present my blogging presence with this same direction.  I started by finding the formatting that I thought was best within the theme options, but then ended up going with another choice after stumbling upon what ended up becoming my picture header.  Once selecting those first two vital options, I then was able to make it more professional and visually appealing by matching the background color and font color and sizing to pull it all together and keep the readers from getting eye strain.

The Cause for Mass Frustration

The Source of Frustration
The Source of Frustration courtesy of:

In getting started with this class, for a lack of better words it was a bumpy start, I almost quit the class due to mass frustration.  Between the crying, screaming and wanting to murder the computer, I was convinced that the teacher planned this confusion as a learning tool to help us learn the system and her method of teaching and how to navigate it all.  With the bouncing all over between all the sites and my already taxed brain, I wasn’t sure how I was worthy to even start the class let alone pass it.  In being able to find a tutor that could help me piece it all together, and also starting to trust in my prior abilities, I am gaining more confidence for the weeks ahead.




What has been the most helpful piece of advise and/or tip that has helped you navigate through these first couple of weeks of our class?

Just keep swimming
Just Keep Swimming courtesy of:

With Every Corner Comes a New Season

Image by Victoria Thomsen {Link to}
In A Season of Pruning And New Growth: Image by Victoria Thomsen
{Link to}

Hello Everyone,

My name is Victoria, and I am a returning student to Lane Community College.  I find myself entering a new season in my life; a season of pruning and of new growth.  After 30 years in the work force, I have had to take a step back related to illness and I resigned from my job with the Oregon Judicial Department.   I am back at Lane because I have one more class to take to earn my General Studies degree.  Not sure if I will be able to return to a job, but I want to be prepared if I have the chance to do so by earning a diploma.  I saw the Technical Writing class as an opportunity to learn new skills in writing letters and memos and to become a better writer, which should help on the job.

After reading through the materials for this class, I realized that I use technical writing every day in some form or another. Whether I am making a to-do list or following a recipe, I use these skills.  I find the technical writing of assembly manuals frustrating, but I do appreciate and find the technical writing getting better on Map Quest.  So I hope that the skills I take from this class improve my technical writing ability, so mine does not frustrate others.

At this point in my life, I am in a new season of pruning and of new growth.  I have been shown that a tree needs to be pruned to shape and direct its new growth. The picture of the deciduous tree losing its leaves reminded me of this, so I am going into this new season because I needed to learn to slow down before my lifestyle killed me.  The illness that I am experiencing is causing me to slow down.  I see that I am being pruned and the undesirable branches are coming off, and I am being refined; freed from the impurities in a very subtle and precise way.  This allows me to grow in the right direction and produce more and better fruit.  I am grateful and am in a place of total dependence and trust on the Lord.

So now I am learning to enjoy the simplest of things, and I am stopping to take the time to bask in the beauty of what is right in front of me and appreciate it.  This is something that I was too busy to do in the past as I was always striving for more and looking ahead.  My new interest are spending time with my family, helping others, and serving at church, and I am excited and expectant for what is ahead for me. I am moving forward in faith that God will provide.

What season are you in?